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Equality, Prevention and the Fight Against Discrimination in Employment (DISCRIM)

This project intends to transfer best practice developed by the French to other EU states. This best practice relates to training materials developed to teach trainers, employment advisors and other professionals who engage with job seekers, immigrants and the socially excluded who might be facing discrimination in their search for work, or who might have discriminatory attitudes themselves. The material also challenges preconceptions held by the trainers themselves.

The programme sees firstly the understanding of the tools, their translations and adaptation, their initial piloting and secondary piloting after further adaptations. Finally it is intended that the materials are ‘rolled out’ in the appropriate national contexts. HitC has a particular roll in developing the website for the project.

Isle of Grain

Support was given by HitC following a £60K development project to provide for an IT Centre, Library and Community facility at a chapel on the Isle of Grain. Many years later the project is still thriving with lots of activities going in the building for local people.


Two HitC Project Managers supported the development of a £1.5m Community Enterprise Hub based at a church in Sheerness.


This project was part of the Guide Neighbourhood Programme and the aim was to assist North Kent residents in launching and implementing regeneration and renewal projects in the belief that residents are the best people to control the regeneration of their neighbourhoods.

Green Wishes

The project aim was to identify new employment opportunities, training needs and enterprise models arising from the emergent need to reduce energy consumption and Co2 emissions, termed the "Green Economy". Each partner had to identify a work stream that will explore and take the lead in networking and exchange of best practice. The funding came from "Progress" the EU's employment and social solidarity programme which works alongside the ESF (European Social Fund).

Other completed projects over the years include:

Burgess Hill



Eastbourne Churches



Yardley Hastings



If you would like further information on these projects then please contact

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February 2018 feature project: The Lantern Church, Merley

Activities at The Lantern include - lunch clubs, bible studies, befriending service and many more. Please see their website to find out more at

February 2018:
The Lantern Church, Merley

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