Leonardo Da Vinci Partnership Project

Work and Train: Promoting training and inclusion of the disadvantaged groups through work

Work and Train demonstrates a new approach that is required to provide employment and personal development opportunities for those with multiple problems (unemployment, school failure, judiciary problems, drug addiction, poverty, etc.). Conventional methodologies, particularly during a time of greater economic and social hardship, are inadequate as being insufficiently flexible or innovative.

The economic crisis has accentuated the exclusion of disadvantaged groups and has enlarged the number who falls into these categories, but at the same time, public resources for inclusion and training programmes are decreasing. For these groups, social integration enterprises represent mostly the sole opportunity to regain active participation into the society.

During Work and Train six mobilities were organised; a Catalogue of “successful models” of integration schemes as well as recommendations and guidelines to animate the political debate at the local, regional and even national level were the main results.

The 6 NGOs involved in this project are active in the social enterprises field and inclusion activities. They would now like to take their expertise a step further by reflecting together on how to improve the existing systems to create sustainable financing structures and better operating mechanisms for these enterprises. In fact, while the demand for training and integration programmes increases, as numbers of people who are excluded or risk to be excluded from the labour market increases, public resources for the training and for inclusion activities continue to decrease. As a consequence, partners aim to enhance innovative approaches in the training field closer to the market requirements and standards, through new forms of Enterprises with strong teaching dimensions. The aim is to contribute to support education and training especially for those most exposed to marginalization.

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June 2019:
Transport - Hope in the Community

At our recent breakfast we talked about the major issue of transport for older people and how a lack of transport often means that people become housebound, not because they can't physically get out.

We want to encourage churches to help local Community Transport Charity Sedcat Community Transport to find volunteers so in turn, they will have resources to help transport people to the groups and activities happening in the churches. Genius, right?

June 2019: Transport - Hope in the Community

Thank you to the Lottery Community Fund and their support from the grant of £9,600